This weekend, after Switzerland, I took the wonderful train from Zurich through to Munich.  4 hours, about 50 quid in english money, and real comfort. People wonder why trains dont work in the UK or US, but once you travel on the train in Europe, you see how it should be done.  Anyways, we rentedRead more


This weekend, I was lucky enough to travel back to a part of the world where I have some amazing memories from trips through the years.  Its a beautiful place, and always a highlight if you get to travel there. I have been up near the Matterhorn before on a roadtrip with Tom back inRead more

Never Not Part 2

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2k94HVvL6s[/youtube] So Never Not Part 2 just dropped and its a great piece of work from Per Hampus and Joel Muzzey besides the entire team.  It has been a couple of years of planning, but a full year in the making, and really a labor of love for all involved.  If you have never snowboardedRead more

Oregon Coast

This Sunday with the weather being top notch I took a drive out to the Coast to get after some surfing.  Considering we are in mid october, things arent looking half bad. Managed to surf out there too, and wasnt half as cold as i thought. Black and white and moody. I hope this guy seesRead more