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This weekend, after Switzerland, I took the wonderful train from Zurich through to Munich.  4 hours, about 50 quid in english money, and real comfort. People wonder why trains dont work in the UK or US, but once you travel on the train in Europe, you see how it should be done.  Anyways, we rented bikes, its Autumn, so the colors are great right now.  I shot some in black and white and some color.  Artsy right?


This was Marienplatz upon my arrival full to the brim with people and me dragging a board bag.  Nightmare all round.


I need to get Mareike to label these places…IMG_1590

Whats the big idea here?  Get it?  We had some damn good radler up here.


This was the mode of transport.  15 euros a day to rent these great cruisers.  Mareike definitely wins some style points.


This was in the English Garden which was in full bloom, well the reverse, but beautiful none the less.


I managed to run one day too along the main river.  I ran 12kms in 1hour 20mins.  Tom managed to do a Marathon in 2hr 50.  So he is running about 3 times faster than me.  Must train some more.


This was another beautiful building which i forgot the name of.


This is the Jewish rememberance building.


Meanwhile back on the river at the eisbach they were surfing as always.  Pretty amazing this wave.  Lots of people getting after it.


I was most impressed by the silver fox, who was just getting in amoungst it and ruling.  Great stuff sir!


We just cycled onwards.


And stopped for Radlers again.  I must say that Radler is something that should be enjoyed the world over.  Refreshing, takes the edge off, and is the stuff of German/Austrian gods.


We stopped at the Andy Warhol exhibition on the way town too.  Great exhibition, although there was some CY Twombly which was pretty weird.  Maybe I am not an artist.


This is the Prater Insel maybe.  Its basically one of the summer beach hang out spots.  So good they have this right in the centre of the city.

Thank You for a great weekend Tiger.

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