Oregon Coast

by The Good Life on October 14, 2013

in America, Surfing


This Sunday with the weather being top notch I took a drive out to the Coast to get after some surfing.  Considering we are in mid october, things arent looking half bad. Managed to surf out there too, and wasnt half as cold as i thought.


Black and white and moody.


I hope this guy sees this picture, should make his day.


The coast in Oregon really is beautiful.  I guess a lot of it reminds me Wales, where i spent most summers when I was young, where it isn’t a parking lot and then a big long beach, more small coves and exploring to be done, which really makes it feel special.


This is mid way down to the beach.

Oregon colors on the road, looks like Autumn on the way, but Summer at the beach.

Japanease wood?IMG_1036
High Contrast.

Yep, what that way.  Thank you OregonIMG_1084




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