by The Good Life on October 22, 2013

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This weekend, I was lucky enough to travel back to a part of the world where I have some amazing memories from trips through the years.  Its a beautiful place, and always a highlight if you get to travel there.


I have been up near the Matterhorn before on a roadtrip with Tom back in the day, great times and a wonderful place to visit.IMG_1436

In the town there are no cars allowed so you drive with these little golf carts around the town, and then they charge you an arm and a leg just to get a mile down the road.


Lots of these kind of old houses and flower displays everywhere.


You know when you see one of these it means business.


Zermatt besides having no cars, and using golf carts, uses a lot of helicopters, for building work, foresting and all sorts.  You see them everywhere.IMG_1446

Obligatory artsy shot of train tracks.IMG_1449

Travel boss, snowboarder, hunter, funny man.  Scotty Lago.IMG_1452

Train travelling.IMG_1101
I meant to say also, Beard Wearer.

Thank You Switzerland.

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