Somehow, through what has been a busy summer it seems that I managed to overlook blogging about the summer holiday to Hawaii.  Well June holiday, but that classes as it fine by me. Having never been to Hawaii I was keen on seeing all about this place, so we headed up to Oahu, to theRead more

Remembrance Monday

This weekend, a link kept popping up on Facebook about Harold Percival, a 99 yeard old ex bomber, who had died in his sleep and according to the obituary, didnt have any family to attend, which considering all he has done for the country seems a great shame.  This is where the internet came toRead more

Moved to Tears

There arent many times when I get moved to tears whilst at work but this is one of the few things that managed too.  This is amazing. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFXl27z5sIE#t=206[/youtube]   TweetRead more


Yes thats a cheesy photo to start a blog post with, but well its pretty nice, so why not. This week I was lucky enough to visit California for a meeting, and flew through Long Beach.  Funny that the air traffic control and terminal look more like a boat than an airport. As always theRead more