by The Good Life on November 3, 2013

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Yes thats a cheesy photo to start a blog post with, but well its pretty nice, so why not.


This week I was lucky enough to visit California for a meeting, and flew through Long Beach.  Funny that the air traffic control and terminal look more like a boat than an airport.IMG_1638

As always the sun was out.


So much so that an ice cream man was cruising ocean side.  When was the last time you heard an ice cream van playing his tune.  Seems a thing from a time gone by.IMG_1645

Mr Dragon Surf was there getting his model face on.IMG_1644

Turns out you can have fires on the beaches here.IMG_1655

We had a good breakfast down at Buccanners and I shot pictures with flowers in the foreground to look artsy.IMG_1657

Even better, the “breakfast brodown” shotIMG_1670

Out on the water it was clean and small, perfect for me, lazy and slow.  This isnt me, by the way I wouldnt have made it up that quick.IMG_1681

A real legend of the industry Mr Tobia, met us for a bit of a beach day, complete with Terje inspired Tattoo.  Nicely done sir.IMG_1684

Brian Green found out he was on the beach on daddy day care duty instead of surfing.

Found this Lion inspired garden too for a spot of sun.


Classic Dana Point tourist photo.IMG_1616

Long way down.

Mr Dragon Snow, Kyle Martin just working it.


There is a surfbreak there too, really fun but a left so us regular footers where a bit slow off the mark.

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