by The Good Life on November 12, 2013

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Somehow, through what has been a busy summer it seems that I managed to overlook blogging about the summer holiday to Hawaii.  Well June holiday, but that classes as it fine by me.


Having never been to Hawaii I was keen on seeing all about this place, so we headed up to Oahu, to the North Shore, made famous by endless surf films, documentaries and fables about the waves.


The North Shore boasts many amazing waves, including Waimea Bay, where Eddie Aikau became a legend, through his life saving and surfing exploits.  Thankfully given my average level of surfing, during our stay, there was just a few small waves here and there.  None the less, for me they were a great challenge.


Besides the many beautiful beaches there is also loads of hikes to be had in forests through the mountains.  We did our best, but this one ended putting us up in a muddy path into Bamboo, and so I dont think we maybe did our “hiking” much justice.


Its all worthwhile though as there is so much beautiful landscape to be seen in there.


Parts of it seem a little like Oregon just with the weather.


We also ventured down to the big city of Waikiki to spend a day around the town there, surfing, exploring, and maybe a little bit of shopping.  The coast line there is quite unlike the rest of the island as its been made famous by pretty outlandish hotel chains, which whilst serve the masses, dont really probably do the country justice.  Anyways, it means the various tourists have a place to get married, on a seeming conveyor built of weddings which happen here every 15 Minutes or so.


Luckily though due to the construction of the breakwater and channel for the ferries to pull into, there is a great surf spot with an easy paddle out, so thats always a plus.

We were also in Hawaii back on the north shore for Mareikes birthday, so we spent it on the beach, and took her for a little picnic on the beach.

And after years of calling her, The Mrs, the better half, Mrs Good Life etc, it was about time for me to take the plunge and become the happiest man around, and get engaged to her.  Luckily she said yes, and the rest is about to become our history.


I am so happy that we got engaged there, and looking forward to the years ahead with the Frauline.

Thank You Hawaii.

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