Mark and Daves – Nicaragua

Blokes in christmas hats, thats christmas alright.  I was lucky enough to spend this Christmas in sunnier climes than normal, when I am usually making the pilgrimage home to the UK and watching some good football, but this year I chose a different route and headed down to Nicaragua .  I was given a tipRead more

Nicaragua – Mark and Daves

This was my few today whilst watching the swans game, looking out to sea.  Not too shabby at all. There was definitely some better waves today, with some bigger sets and of course off shore wind, which is seems to be here every day. Whilst reading my book we saw Dolphins jumping out to sea,Read more


Having spent my 33 years during Christmas in predominantly cold climates, this year I felt it was time for a change.  Besides if you can mix surfing with warm weather its always a winner. This was Christmas morning down here at Playa Colorados, where Mark and Daves surf camp is based.  Its about a 8Read more


  For this years thanksgiving, i was lucky enough to go and stay with the legends that be Plumley and Plumley, and their new addition Oscar.  I have been to tahoe a couple of times before, but not had much time to explore before so getting a locals tour was epic. This was down atRead more