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by The Good Life on December 31, 2013

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Blokes in christmas hats, thats christmas alright.  I was lucky enough to spend this Christmas in sunnier climes than normal, when I am usually making the pilgrimage home to the UK and watching some good football, but this year I chose a different route and headed down to Nicaragua


.  I was given a tip off about a fantastic spot down there, which boasted great waves, sun, and a beautiful beach.  That was just the half of it!  Food, good people, amazing waves, it was a great spot.  Above is the actual house, which is literally 50m to the break, so its a perfect spot.


This is from the house, shows you how close the beach is.  The house features a pool and an infinity pool besides a table tennis table also, so you can have some good times through the afternoons, when your taking time off after a surf.  The rooms are really nice as you see here


They boast a couple of big beds, air conditioning, TV, en suite bathroom, and it really does feel like top class accommodation.  There is also a couple of great hammocks which you can read or spend a bit of a nice afternoon having a snooze if you want, so you can get charged up for an afternoon of this stuff….


So the daily routine looks like wake up around 5.30am, go in for a surf with no one else out, surf till 8, come back in for coffee, bacon and eggs, and then surf again till and early lunch, again, amazing food, like chicken and rice, then maybe a little snooze in the afternoon before a sun down surf.  In the evening when your done with your day surfing, you definitely need some good food, and I have to say the food was something I completely didn’t even think about before, but its amazing.  Zac is the chef, and surf hero in the house, and the food was really amazing.  With some home made dips, followed by a starter then entree of as with this evening, some insane sea bass, and then something great for desert like key lime pie, you feel so good with a full belly after a day full of waves.


This evening was caramelized banana, again which was off the hook.


There is also a lot of good wine available also, which you can choose over your free beer allocation if you want.  Keep in mind, free beers should be kept for rehydration after surfing.  Way better than Lucozade.


This cat also, would ask for food every single time, such a nice cat though.


Its funny, going surfing is one of those things which people like to battle for each wave on their own, but in essence people love to surf together, and i am no different.  There is nothing better than charging down the line with friends shouting you in, its an amazing feeling.  So then to go on my own for a surf trip, definitely felt a bit weird, but a place like Mark and Daves is perfect if your just looking for waves, and you need somewhere, this is the place.  During my stay, there were a few other groups in from Rhode Island, California and Brazil, so you are always amongst a good group of people, all of whom are there for the same thing, and you always have great people to paddle out with and share a beer with after a good day in the water.


This was Gio, who was from Brazil, riding a single fin 5’1 and charging fast as possible at all times, such a good dude, and dropping in deep as possible at all times.


This was Ken, who was a great guy, super friendly, and charging whether it be on the ocean or rattling through wine.  Surfing with like minded people is one of the best things ever.


Surfing is also pretty different to Snowboarding in terms of what the girls are wearing.  Thank you for surfing.


I’m hoping this counts. I got absolutely smashed on this wave.  Its crazy to think this waves isn’t that big, and they have waves 10 times this big which people surf.  I would got knocked all over the shop.

Good to know i made the next shot also…


Paddling to escape getting run over by Victor from Brazil.

Not sure why this photo is in here, but I thought I should put it in because I liked the light on the shrubs.


In the afternoon, the wind kicked up a couple of times, thankfully its always off shore down there, so you are able to get waves which stay up a little longer.  There is a huge lake inland which creates the offshore wind, quite a luxury after surfing various blown out junk around the world in the past.

Thats the view from the pool, not bad at all.

I took a walk one afternoon to go and check the out the next beach and found this zone.IMG_3286This reminds me of the scene in star wars charging down that zone in the death star.


They have a pretty amazing set up with one of the guys working the house Wilma, who shoots photos for you, for a reasonable fee.  Pretty sick to be able to see what your doing wrong or right.

If anyone needs a place to go surfing, either on your own or in a big group, I can’t recommend this place enough, its so nice, perfect spot.

Surfing literally is good for the soul.  Not sure why it seems so therapeutic, but surfing in the ocean is one of the best feelings ever.  Sounds super cliche but riding waves is one of the purest forms of sport.  Surfing at sunset is something, quite something.  Thank You world for the sunset.


I imagine this will be the last post of the year, so thank you for reading the few people who still read blogs instead of being addicted to Instagram these days.  I will keep posting on here, since I just like to be able to look back at something which shows the various trips through the year.  Happy New Year, and hope you have a great time.


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