by The Good Life on December 25, 2013

in America


Having spent my 33 years during Christmas in predominantly cold climates, this year I felt it was time for a change.  Besides if you can mix surfing with warm weather its always a winner.


This was Christmas morning down here at Playa Colorados, where Mark and Daves surf camp is based.  Its about a 8 hour trip down here via Atlanta, but worthwhile to get some nice sun.


This was a local one of the first days, just throwing it out there.


This was Christmas Morning.


 One of the things which is most impressive is the Pelicans here, which since its offshore at all times it seems, they fly along the waves, using the upward forced air so they can just cruise the air stream.


I also found this guy waiting for his morning coffee.


Mark and Daves is a great little spot down here, which when its pumping must be amazing fun.  Its been quite small this week, but even so, with it being clean, small waves with a long board it can be great fun.
IMG_2506 Whenever I go somewhere I always like to check out the local areas, so I borrowed an old bike and went for a ride to the closest village.


It should only be about 50 minutes, but this has was the road, it was a busy day on the streets out there.


I’m not sure what this road was, but it definitely had a weird wall on it.  I think it was part of a cemetery.


This was my destination in what was probably a a good 3 hour round trip bike ride


Wel that was the entrance, this was the beach.  Not much going down but nice none the less.IMG_2484In the house they have this amazing thatched roof with various birds flying around. 

Not sure who this is modeled on, but thats a goddess worth believing in.

I took this of one of the other guests staying here getting the babies head wet as aussies would say.IMG_2453The beach stretches a good way round from Playa Gigante all the way to where we are here.
IMG_2330This is the house.

More to come, but in the meantime Merry Christmas!

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