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For this years thanksgiving, i was lucky enough to go and stay with the legends that be Plumley and Plumley, and their new addition Oscar.  I have been to tahoe a couple of times before, but not had much time to explore before so getting a locals tour was epic.


This was down at Kings Beach, which is beautiful, I can only imagine how nice it is here in summer.


This is the family Plumley, Mr, Mrs and Lord, Sir, His Royal Highness, Oscar the pug.


Just a mellow saturday with a bow tie for the ladies.


Of course, being a stylish gent, he has a Burberry collar so he is always ready for action.  Ursula has herself a right little sweetheart for cruising the streets of Tahoe.  Oscar takes centre stage, and just lets it all hang out.

Northstar is the closest resort to where they live, and they have a great early season park.  There should be a video on the instagram feed on the right hand side.


In amongst the snowboarding we had some nice walks around on the golf course, just getting an eye for it in the spring.

Of course thats one of the places where Oscar is also at home, getting ready for his summer tee times to start up again.IMG_2021

Mellow par 3 over some ice and snow.IMG_2012Now I’m not one for selflies, but as they say, if the shoe fits.
Thank You Guvnor, for a great few days.

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