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This past week, I had the lucky opportunity to travel to Canada to the Snowboarding Mecca that is Baldface.   Thats it across the valley, remote, up in the mountains, and set up perfectly for riding powder.


To many snowboarders around the world, you say the word “Baldface” and you get an instant smile and recognition about this legendary place.


The guides up here are so knowledgable about the terrain that they find fresh powder every day for all the groups up here.  All in all there is 32,000 acres of accessible terrain, which is testament to the quality of the guiding up here.


The whole operation is so smooth its amazing.  You fly to Spokane, drive up to Nelson (don’t do it with a hangover though, its rough, and please don’t try taking apples over the border”.  Then from there the heli comes down to pick you up and 10 minutes later your up in the snow at the lodge.


The lodge is so nice, and like a dream for snowboarders the world over.   The amazing staff look after you from the minute you get in, until you leave.


We were lucky enough to be able to take Sage Kotsenburg up there to ride Powder for a few days as he got some well needed riding for himself after the crazy season he has had this year.


Its a cat operation, so each of the groups, get a cat, guide, tail guide and driver for the 3 or 4 day session.  Its amazing to have the cat, as between laps you can eat, dry off, re hydrate or sleep if needed.


The guides up here are amazing, noting snow temperature, conditions, visibility, route taken, etc for a precision way to ensure that all guests get the best conditions possible up there.


Mike Tobia on the hunt…

Having the cat also means you can grab a couple of boards to ride… that has to be the best thing in snowboarding over the last few years and the development of hardgoods.


They also have a full demo selection from Burton, Jones, Lib Tech..IMG_3949

Or of course you could just take out a surfboard in the pow…


This has been my set up, Fish 161 and Malavita binding…. no question the best pow set up I ever rode.


The cat also boasts one of the best selections of stickers you will ever see…


and hand painted artwork too


Our cat driver Bones on the left


For the trip, we had an amazing crew, with Sage, Keating from Nike, and the dragon crew… From Will Howard the legend of Dragon himself, Mike Tobia and Ryan besides Chip and Nate in our cat alongside the loosest german I ever met….  Ready to ollie into the unknown at a moments notice.


The dream team.


Will Howard, Stoke levels high at all times.


Tobia, after stopping at a gas station only to find they don’t sell Palio diet salads.


Scott Keating, hyped on that pow life.IMG_4035

The light up here is pretty insane in the evening.   This was the view from the cat one day… Take your pick on your line.

IMG_4075Thank You Will and the crew.

Thank you Canada.  I like your mountains, remind me a lot of Austria.IMG_4106Exactly.  Bless up.

What a trip.


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