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by The Good Life on April 21, 2014

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The one and Only.

I’m very lucky that besides talented snowboarders I get to work with some of the best photographers in the game including one of the very best.  Coming from Norway, land of talented athletes and good looking people, Frode ticks both boxes, and is an insanely talented guy behind a camera.  He was in town this week, so we cruised the city looking for a few spots.Portland_MG_1863

Frode wanted to find a spot to strike a pose.  Best I could do was a headstand.  On the Hawthorne bridge.

You probably know Frode from these kind of insane shots he does

ethan frode

Legend.  Talented.

I have travelled and worked with Frode for about 4 years now, and is one of the good dudes, talented, good fun, and loves to spend a good few minutes a day with a nice coffee.  You probably know his brother also, who is a teenage heartthrob when he isn’t a Olympic medal winner.  Frode deserves something for his beautiful beard.

IMG_4357We found this spot, which has seen better days for going hard in the paint.IMG_4364Parts of East Portland right now are looking amazing.  Pink Trees.  If I knew the name I would be very happy.  Answers below please.IMG_4370This girl was running so fast I couldn’t hardly contain her in film.IMG_4377I took this of another of the bridges also.  My photographer is nowhere near as good as Frode.

This is a shot he took of me a few years back… lovely day for it.JonWeaver_Breck2010_FrodePhoto_IMG_0969

If you want to see how good he is, watch this.  He went to Whistler and won 10 grand in a photographer contest.  This was his winning entry.  Thanks Frode for also introducing me to Woodkid (3rd song)

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