California Dreaming

by The Good Life on May 8, 2014

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This past week I was lucky enough to manage a trip down South to the california dreaming place of Carlsbad/Encinitas.  Luckily enough with this guy below shooting he managed to get a shot of me above surfing….  Small, fun, great waves.


There was a solid crew down that at the same time including Cyril Muller, Caro, Gabe the Burton Photog, Brian from Dragon and even an appearance from Grillo which was great to see him again!


Strike a pose.  It looks better in black and white.


The Grillionaire himself post surf

IMG_5040On Sunday we posted up down in Trestles a pretty epic spot most legendary for its waves.  The crew.

IMG_5020Someone way better than me surfing.

IMG_4878Gabe shouting and screaming his delight.


Trestles has a few different breaks… love the comments about, if in doubt don’t go out.

IMG_5128We saw a lot of dolphins.  That moment when you realize there is a dorsal fin behind you….

With my new found love of cycling i noticed the fact that California has without doubt the best roads for road biking


They all have these crews going out early for a ride… real nice…

IMG_4869Then there is also the bike crews too…

IMG_4861Or you could just run this beast…

Or this number plate and motor…

IMG_4852impressive game right there…
IMG_5046Got to hang with this guy again, great to see one of the best dudes…

IMG_5031Just going for that floater….

More impressive surfing right?

I took this at the Airport…

Not sure why but its a favorite.

Good times with these blokesIMG_4618
This was the board that Cyril hand made himself… epic shape…
and yes… more Weaver fish surfing

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