by The Good Life on May 15, 2014

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IMG_5325With Superpark beng somewhat of a wash out last week, I ended up spending some the across town in the Nike skatepark.  Luckily enough my skating wasn’t on show, and i had some decent people to shoot instead.  This guy Max Buri crushes snowboarding and luckily enough a skateboard too, as above.  I would be so stoked to be able to even ollie half this high..IMG_5286Of course Bobby Meeks was around, drinking water, and crushing it.IMG_5306Its funny I shot this shot without really focusing or anything and it was one of the best shots of the day.  MEEKSMODEIMG_5267Talking of Drinking Water, one of the best, Bryan Fox, one of the founders was in the house too.IMG_5304The Swedish Michael Jordan/Kevin Backstrom.IMG_5363Moddy shot of a rail.IMG_5328Max Buri once again on a crook.  Shooting in a warehouse with windows, is pretty damn epic, makes for some great light!IMG_5335Max throwing a backside 180 up there..IMG_5423KB ready to go…IMG_5457Talented lenseman, Cyril Muller getting at it, in the mini…

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