Santa Monica

by The Good Life on June 13, 2014

in America

This week I was lucky enough to get to visit Santa Monica.  Its somewhere that holds some great memories for me as I came here a long time ago with my parents.

IMG_6963Its a funny part of the world as Santa Monica is really nice and upmarket,with loads of shops and a whole selection of stuff to do down on the beach.IMG_6933The pier and the ferris wheel. This was an exercise zone which had people aiming to get end to end.  I didn’t try it since I am struggling to go from 2 to 3 pull ups.IMG_6944I love the places which retain their old look.IMG_6955This is something that they seem to do in Santa Monica like a redemption thing, on one side you say what you have done wrong, and the other where your at now.  Group bonding i guess.  Pretty good to see people happy for each other though.IMG_6977I was lucky enough to meet these two english blokes on my trip.IMG_6983Now, I never really do hotel reviews or pictures etc but sometimes you walk into a place and just can’t help but be taken aback by how nice a hotel is.  This was Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica.IMG_6811The bathroom had  a shower, bath, and a tv to watch sports whilst in the tub.  Not bad at all.IMG_6813They have a stocked cabinet with anything you would ever need.IMG_6814I know most hotels have a minibar but sometimes you just think they look a touch classier.IMG_6818This guy is on patrol in the bath.IMG_6928This guy runs the bedroom department.IMG_6988

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