Short Sands

by The Good Life on June 13, 2014

in Surfing

IMG_6651Unknown ripper getting it up there…IMG_6626When I first moved to Oregon, I wasn’t really sure what to make of the surf up here.  Water is cold, apparently full of sharks, water is dark and cloudy apparently and its a decent hour and a half drive.  It doesn’t sound that appealing right?  Its a strange thing but coming from the background I did with snowboarding in the UK, I am strangely drawn to it.  Above was our little set up down there to dry out the wetsuits…IMG_6573This was what I thought was just a pile of wetsuits but it was actually Caley.IMG_6598Yes it was maybe  a bit mushy, but well, its been than nothing right…?  and its not a busy stressful line up either..IMG_6628If you haven’t seen Cale ever snowboard you should.  One of the best snowboarders I have seen in terms of board control. Anyways… just a quick one… but better than nothing on here right?

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