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by The Good Life on June 28, 2014

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Since I live a distance away from the boys I was planning to have the Stag Do with, or Bachelor party for Americans, we had to pick somewhere for a few days.  There was a lot of debate and finally Portugal was the chosen zone.IMG_7242

Of course as soon as we got there, Tom West had managed to organize us some beautiful attire for the week.


Of course Rupo had this.


We did the usual antics of going out and stuff, besides going from Ericeria to Lisbon we saw quite some of the country and also watched the USA – portugal game over there which was good times.


Lisbon is pretty amazing as a place, with so much amazing architecture everywhere its got something to see on every corner.


We also managed to get ourselves out paddle boarding one day, and all went in shorts, of course apart from Plumley, such a genius in his little shortie suit.


Just incase its cold like.


On the last afternoon we watched the football on one of the main squares and there was this guy blowing these huge bubbles up using almost chop sticks.  It was pretty cool though as he just seemed happy to see other people enjoying themselves making bubbles.


Maybe it was a tactic to meet tanned cute girls, but he was having a great time.


I love traveling anywhere with Plumley.  He always needs his coffee, and wherever he goes, no one is able to write.  Above by day, below by night.


If you ever see Henry with a face like this you know there is trouble brewing.


On the way home, our flight was delayed an hour, then two, then three, then over night, then 24 hours.  We did a lot of this waiting around dealing with 3 day hangovers and hoping we would get home to Austria in time for the wedding,


Now the evening we got back, it was straight to Zillertal for another stag/bachelor/party of sorts at the Schnapps Brauerei….  It was a great way for the friends and family to meet each other and enjoy an unforgettable evening.


This is Martin.  Schnapps King of Zillertal, hands like steaks, and has no end of jokes.  Also seems to have a soft spot for blond californians.

Meinolf was in the zone for some schnapps.  German shirt on, and ready for the big win 3 weeks later for the team.





Mareike, Sage and Angelika enjoying a drink.  Its funny, the more schnapps that went down, the louder it got.  I guess thats normal but its amazing how much easier people get along with a couple pints of schnapps in them.  IMG_7607

Sage did so much for us through our wedding from invites to table names she was a superstar, and meant the world she flew over from the states.

Like I say, he was a king of schnapps, and even won awards and has given his schnapps to Putin before.  Shipped 100 bottles to Sochi also for the Austrian house.

This is the face you make, when you realize that you have to drink the wooden schnapps machine.
8 shots later you just feel dizzy.  Lucky though that I was alright.  Most of us coming back from Portugal got sick, and so I got off easily.

Belgium represent.  Koen and Doom, two of the best and two of the real Belgium heroes.

IMG_7623This was who Martin was trying to get the wooden schnapps machine too…. she politely declined until Rupo ditched it my way.


One great evening.  Uncle John, Ursula, Gadge, Eli, Beckna, Katharine, Dave and Katarina.IMG_7613

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