The Wedding Movie

With us getting married a couple of weeks back we wanted to have a video to look back on and also share with people who couldn’t make it along. [vimeo][/vimeo] Thank you to everyone who came along for our wedding day, this shows you how it went in beautiful Zillertal that day.  Thanks so muchRead more

Nusa Lembongan

Towards the end of our trip we were lucky enough to be given a beautiful gift by Melissa, Dragana and Gloria who lives in Bali, a couple of nights staying down on Lembongan.  I have never been here before so was super curious to check it out, and it was a glorious place to visit.Read more


On our trip we were also lucky enough to make the pilgrimage to one of the most iconic surf spots in the world.  Everything about the place has an amazing feel to it.  The fact that you look down on the surf, the fact you have to clamber down into a cave to walk outRead more


A few years back we visited Binging on our last trip to Bali and it instantly struck me what a nice place it was. I found it to be closer to potentially the real Bali than anywhere else i had seen on our trips, so when we were planning our honeymoon, it was a placeRead more


  So then, after a very long week with stag do, wedding, travel around the world it seems that we finally had some time to rest and relax finally.  We made our way to Bali, which holds some great memories for us.  Mareike had everything planned out and we headed to Cangu for our firstRead more