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So then, after a very long week with stag do, wedding, travel around the world it seems that we finally had some time to rest and relax finally.  We made our way to Bali, which holds some great memories for us.  Mareike had everything planned out and we headed to Cangu for our first few days.  Instead of just posting up in one spot we made sure to travel around a lot staying 3 days per spot, with Canggu as the first destination.  Above someone gets shacked on Echo beach.

IMG_7799The first few days we stayed in Komea Villas, which were beautiful, private pool, with breakfast brought to you each morning.

Inside the staff had made the villa look very romantic, with two swans to welcome us.

IMG_7716They even made a bath for us full of petals, which was very nice of them.
IMG_7803Breakfast every morning was amazing.

Meanwhile we resisted the urge to rent motorbikes for all of half a day and before long we were on the open road again, cruising and finding some of the best spots around for food.  This wasn’t us, just a family of 4 on a vespa.

IMG_7783The traffic situation in Bali has got even worse than before which seems impossible and streets which 5 years ago were mellow to drive on are now chaos.

IMG_7773Its amazing to see what people try and fit on the back of a bike…

IMG_7825You definitely can get lost but in general with the beach on one side of you its pretty easy to figure out where you are…

This was down in Canggu which now has a few coffee shops, Deus store, and a few surf shops.  The great thing with having a bike though is that you can find so many good spots for food.
These Daiquiris where on Oberei in a place called Khaima, which were amazing.  Pretty much like a whole meal though on their own.

IMG_7812Green Ginger Noodle definitely deserves a mention as it was so so good, just a small hard to find spot off the beaten track but fantastic.


We tried finding something typically Balinese, this is about as close as we could get.IMG_7830When your in Canggu the one thing you have to do is go to Echo beach in the evening for the BBQ, which is the best ever.  Its pretty cheap too, and well worth the drive.

There was a pretty big swell when we got into town, and with a crazy high tide at times it made for all kinds of backwash waves.


Anyways, here we are…. more to follow!

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