by The Good Life on July 14, 2014

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IMG_8586On our trip we were also lucky enough to make the pilgrimage to one of the most iconic surf spots in the world.  Everything about the place has an amazing feel to it.  The fact that you look down on the surf, the fact you have to clamber down into a cave to walk out to the surf, the fact that surfing it feels like your almost in a gladiator style amphitheater, it just gives you goosebumps.


There are so many amazing spots to look down on the surf.  Right here Mareike looks on, checking out the incoming swell, Bintang in hand.


After watching photographers in snowboarding hike in powder, freeze in deep snow and many more precarious positions, the surf photographers look to have this dialed.IMG_8613

You can buy any manner of stuff from the local ladies who actually gave me and mareike a nice bracelet for when we are surfing so we don’t have to surf with our wedding rings on.



Sunsets are made for this.

I definitely felt on this trip that a lot of Bali has changed and not always for the best when you look at Kuta and its huge shopping malls which are really way over the top and almost vulgar when you see them alongside some of the poverty which is right outside in the streets.

I just hope that Uluwatu and Bingin don’t change much more as they are both clinging to the remnants of older Bali, and so I hope that the government don’t let people build anything they want, because half the time, when they build these malls, and hotels, most of the people who can afford to stay in them, can’t even begin to understand why they are such magical places.  Rant over.



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