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Last week we snuck a couple of days in Encinitas on our travels.  Without doubt Encinitas has to be one of the nicest areas in California, if not the states.  Good waves, great food, and a nice easy going atmosphere.


On this trip the waves were kind of small, and so I borrowed what turned out to be one of the most fun boards ever, the Baked Potato from Fire Wire.  I haven’t used one before but for 1-2 ft weak waves, it was amazing fun.  Also being built of a kind of epoxy it makes a perfect travel board.


There was a good few foamies out on display too, as you can see on these waves, kinda the best idea.


Wifey is always happy in the sun, and on the beach.  Simple Pleasures.


Strangely enough though, when we were there, it rained one day.  Kinda strange and people were panicking… but we used that downtime to get some nice breakfast of Acai Bowl and Coffee.  Amazing.  This place was Swamis, and funnily enough, I took a good few pictures of our trip there, and I shot this one, and I think it contains a love heart written by a good friend at work.  Pretty small world at times.IMG_9636

Anyways, another nice weekend, and always worth a visit.

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