Union Station – Los Angeles

by The Good Life on August 10, 2014

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On a recent trip, I decided to ditch getting a cab as normal, and took the train, a form of public transport which in Los Angeles sometimes seems a little uncommon.    IMG_9523

Despite taking the train not being a very common way of traveling in California for most who are addicted to their cars, it is one of the best ways to see the state, and the station especially in LA must be one of the most ornate stations I have ever seen.


Beautifully built, laid out fantastically but quite under used by the public from what I could see.  Thursday morning in London would have been rammed, but here it was pretty relaxing.


As I say, not too much in the way of a line for the train.


One guy just checking it out.


Come up to the light….


Like I say, as you see, its pretty interesting how it looks.


On the way, you definitely get to see a lot of sites including this baseball stadium.


Kind of a relaxing ride.IMG_9554
Take the train.

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