Beach Boys

by The Good Life on September 22, 2014

in Portland


I know.  Another post about the coast here in Oregon.  But honestly with sunsets like this what else can you expect?  It was mid 80s on the beach this weekend and some serious swell pushing through too.IMG_0959

When you drive to the coast this is the view on the way.  Pretty amazing, I think this is the Cascades.IMG_0964

Make sure you download your music for the drive as the radio stops mid way.


Like I say, there was some serious swell…IMG_0994

This guy about half a second later was probably stuck to the sand.  There was some heavy heavy close outs.

One of the things with Short Sands is that you see every kind of person.  This guy had his wetsuit on back to front.  No worries at all for him…


I guess this is how they carry surfboards in some parts of the world.  That and a man in a boat.

It was busy in the water.  This guy just dodging duck divers.

Lesser spotted feet.

Dani Kiwi Meier was down there too enjoying a great beach day with the family.


This summer the weather has been very much pick and mix.  Some days great, some days cloud just at the beach so taking clothes for every occasion is very much needed.  This weekend though sunscreen was about all that was needed.


More beach.IMG_1159
The light on the walk home was amazing.

We camped out and I had the Exploder kitted out with a bed in the back, and thankfully we didn’t camp in tents as it was raining through the night, so thankful for the wagon.IMG_1189

Camp firing.IMG_1191

Next morning lets just say the baring sea was a bit more ominous as was the weather.
IMG_1201Anyways, great weekend, good stuff.


Thanks for  a good weekend.


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