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by The Good Life on October 8, 2014

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Yes, before you ask, this is another post about the coast in Oregon.  Its the second week in October, and this weekend was insane.  Mid 80s just inland, so probably around mid 70s on the beach it was unreal how nice it was.  I walked into short sands on a new route this weekend, and got to see it from a new view.


If I had one of those meme generators, my quote here would be “i don’t always walk to surf, but when I do i need a little path in the woods”


This was the view from above of the waves.   That is howling off shore combined with a decent swell.  When its too big it closes out, but hey, if you get a few decent ones in between, its all good.


Like I say.  Strong enough to slow my weak arms from paddling into the waves.

This guy, no worries at all.  Charging.


The good thing this weekend though was there was good sized waves, off shore wind, and the best thing ever, it was WARM.  Well, by warm, I mean you only needed a 4’3, and you didn’t need a hood, booties or gloves.  Amazing.  The difference in wearing a 5’3 and a 4’3 whilst only a little bit of extra rubber, makes so much difference.  There was loads of seaweed in the water, so not sure if that was the reason for the warm water, but what a nice change.IMG_1413

This was actually a couple of whales who were swimming by.  After watching a movie about whales the other day, my fear of sharks was nearly replaced by whales.


That night we camped out, and so the wetsuit dryer machine was going all night long.IMG_1446

There was cars, camp vibes, wetsuits, but no dogs this time.


Pretty beautiful though the next morning when I went out to clean my teeth in the woods.

Early morning check.  Amazing light this weekend all round.IMG_1539


Not sure either, it just looked pretty good piece of timber.


If you surf regularly, you know this feeling is just about the best feeling ever.  Charge down the line and jump off the back. It doesn’t get much better.


Also, if you surf regularly, you’ll know the feeling of having a nice wave when all of a sudden the whole thing closes out.  Without doubt a elevator straight down.


As you can see on the right wave, it was going down this weekend.

IMG_1610The tired, knackered, walk out and home.  I slept once at the side of the road on the way back, and slept soon as i got home.  It was warm, sunny and a beautiful weekend.


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