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by The Good Life on October 13, 2014

in Portland

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So yesterday after a busy day of running errands i decided on trying to go for the longest run I have ever done.  Now I am by no means a fast runner, if anything its just something I do to clear my mind.  I love it though after I get going, just sometimes the getting going is the tough part.
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Now with Mr Tom West being now a marathon runner I thought he would love this place to run, so I took a few pictures for him of how the running is along the Williamette river.  One of the things Portland is famous for is their bridges, and last night I ran around 6 of them.  The first above is the steel bridge which is the first one on the north of river that you can run 3-1

Just before it you have the Moda Center where the Portland Trailblazers 4-1

This big bridge we actually cycled over earlier in the year, when we had the bridge pedal cycle when they close the bridges one sunday morning and you can ride up to 40 miles around them 5-1

This picture is for Senior Weaver as I know he enjoys watching the ships in the night 1-2

Steel Bridge again.

photo 2-2

Down the other end of town, there is a submarine also, which you can go look at.    The bridge on the left is the new bridge just built, which apparently is the first bridge in USA which is soley for public transport and bikes.  Pretty amazing that no other city in the US has one like that.  So the light rail, bikes and walkers are the only ones on 4-2

Thank you!  This was my route below.  As I say, I definitely am not the fastest but 5’13 per km is quite fast for me.  Maybe thats slow, but personal bests and all that.  Running is definitely a funny thing, its something that you can’t really imagine to get into, but once your on it, its really good for your body and mind, as it really does clear your mind.  photo 3Anyways.  Hope that gives you an idea of running in Portland.

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