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by The Good Life on October 17, 2014

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Its been a while since the wedding but there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for such a special day in such an amazing place with my wonderful wife.  To have so many great friends and people that me and Mareike both love, respect and enjoy spending time with, its amazing to look back on such a wonderful day.  Sani Alibabic the king of Innsbruck was in the house with his camera so this update is his fine handiwork.  He managed to somehow still operate a camera when many others of us where dancing, sweating, drinking and shaking the night away.  Thank you Sani.


Well where else to start except with the girls.  Lots of good looking girls.


And of course the fellas.  The blokes.  The Lads.  The chaps.  Looking at this picture is amazing to me.  The people on this photo all mean the world to me, and i can safely say that with each of them I have snowboarded/worked/travelled with each of them and definitely laughed and been drunk with each of them.  Its so good to think about where I met each of them, and how much since we have all grown and things we have all achieved, whether its moved countries, got new jobs, started families, grown beards (frode), lost hair or just become more legendary in my eyes by the day.


Ah the lady of the day, Its amazing when I look at photos of Mareike like this, how amazing she always looks, and especially on this evening after we got married, how happy, calm and great she looked.  

After we got married the two blokes below got the girls above going and we had a great start to the evening thanks to the legend that is Beckna.P1000426

Funny straight after we got married I noticed how Gigi had a ring just like mine.  Lucky for him, his left hand is in much better shape than mine.  He rode snow and i rode dry slope growing up so probably explains a lot.  In the background two likely lads get ready to work out who will pass out the quickest.

Sani ever being the hipster with a camera painted a banksy and sourced a living piece of art for the shot.  Well, it was Koens little one, but you wouldnt put it past the guy with the best hair in austria.


Talking of Koen, if you have been out and about with him, you probably know him like this.  Loving life 24/7 and living the King Van Isegham dream.  If you know Doom, you have definitely seen this face before too.  Its kind of deathstare meets “we’re gonna get drunk” meets “flesichkaiser oder”


Ah yes the man himself Senior Weaver.  He did himself very well through the wedding, really enjoying hanging out with all the gang, many of whom he is very well known too after his many years of traveling to various places to spend time with us all.  It was a  great evening to be able to celebrate with our parents, and despite me sweating for Wales, we had a great time.  Not sure why he carried biros in his pocket at all time though.  He probably thought he might get lucky.

In a pretty amazing part of the evening, Nicolas and his girlfriend grabbed her guitar and quite unbeknown to all of us, Leia had written a song for us, and well, by this point i was in tears anyways and this only reinforced those tears.

Sage was one of our longest travelers for the wedding, and we were so thankful to have her there, she has been such a good friend taking us in back in france, and is a superstar.  How she juggles work, travel and the most amazing superstar of a child is an inspiration.

There was a LOT of this through the evening from the first dance to the last, people were loving it.P1000571

As you see, the girls still singing along and in a permahug, meanwhile my dad thinks his luck is in 🙂P1000527

Ah yes, the winner of the award from earlier.  Mr Copsey.  This guy has without done more for me than anyone else I think by putting a picture of me on snowboard UK cover about 13 years ago.  I still can’t thank him enough.  Thankfully he drank his body weight in booze and schnapps on the day, and managed to be out cold at points whilst there was a drum and bass rave going on with him in the middle.  Legend.


Dancing shoes!!!


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