by The Good Life on November 6, 2014

in America, Portland


This weekend we headed up for Halloween to Vancouver a place we have always wanted to visit, but for some reason until the wife came home, we never got round to visiting.


Of course when in Vancouver there is always one person you have to see, the amazing Spencer O’Brien.IMG_1818

Vancouver is a beautiful city and thankfully we got some amazing weather which after a real rough portland week it was most welcome.IMG_1819

Of course there was an airport right down town, which even included a Vancouver whitecaps water boat.

Autumn in the NW, is something else, its so nice, and so expect a lot more photos coming up in the next few weeks from Portland.


See no evil, speak no evil, laugh no evil??IMG_1859

This building is actually based upon a syringe.  The architect always builds buildings based upon real world objects and apparently when he was laying out the plans and found a syringe and hence made himself a building based on it.

This looks like the lego people who have set up a beach side vacation.

We found 3rd beach, which is apparently the hipster beach.  We even found a couple of bikes down there grabbing some autumn sun rays.IMG_1878

The gang, Spencer, Leanne, Mareike and Skye our gang for a lovely walk around the island followed by Coffee and not quite enough cake!IMG_1882
Spencer and Mareike having a little romantic minute by the 3rd beach.

Being an old British colony, they wear poppies at this time in year, and also have beautiful memorials like in the UK.IMG_1914

We had a couple of great nights out there too, which was worth the trip itself.

What are you looking at?
IMG_1930Spencer gave me this print, which was one of the nicest things ever to receive such a nice gift.  It was also one of my favorite trips to Montafon for The Chosen, and that redirect was easily one of my favorite features of the season.  This was Spencer with the most epic backside 3 ever.  Thank you Spencer your the best!

Amazing weekend!  Canada you rule!

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