The Dirksen Derby – Mt Bachelor

by The Good Life on January 3, 2015

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After a few delays by some technical problems I managed to get this back and running and what better way than the first day of the season up in Mt Bachelor, Oregon.  It was for one of the most legendary events in Snowboarding, which I have heard a lot about but due to the Dew Tour Clashing, its always managed to mean I couldn’t make it.IMG_2886_675x450

The Dirksen Derby, is a hand dug banked slalom through trees deep in the woods of Bachelor.  Its pretty easy to see why the kids who come out of here are so good at snowboarding if this is the kind of thing they ride regularly.


In our house we had one of the leading lights in the “gentlemens division”.


Ami along with his partner in crime Coleen where both on it at all times, and when not practising where waxing, stretching, cracking backs and generally getting ready to dominate.


Me and the lady weaver were up here but purely in media relations capacity and scoping the course for next year.


The course itself is pretty amazing with some of the tightest turns you’ll see anywhere meaning board control is a must.  Triple cork trampoline skidding kids need not apply. These two Kevin and Scotty obviously have all the triples on lock but stuck to the aggressive turning for the sake of going for the win.

Two of the best getting game face ready.


Sani Alibabic is pretty famous for his pre contest hugs with his team but here Bryan Fox seems to have a knack of giving a good one as his girlfriend finished 2nd, and also his boyfriend too, Austin Smith so I assume that he must have been doing double duty.


10% rule x 2 right Bryan?


Besides pros, ams, gentlemens and children there was also a sit ski race, which was amazing.  No messing I was intimidated from riding that course and these guys were ripping it apart.  Serious respect, and next time you moan about conditions up the hill, have a word with yourself.


Her from #breaktheinternet notoriety Madam YoBeat herself Brooke, who used to actually work with us at Nike.  Enjoy that one haters.

The good thing about this event was the element of community about it, exemplified by the amazing Clam Chowder which the locals made and brought up the hill for all to enjoy.IMG_2955_675x450
It really did get me thinking, there was a good couple of hundred people here, all die hard snowboarders, all in love with it for the right reasons.  No big money, no TV, but its honestly events like this and Wangl Tangl which is what snowboarding is all about.  Damn I miss Wangl.  If people did that event these days kids would freak.  I think I need to do another blog on competitive snowboarding soon.  
Ami below just getting at it.

This guy below.  Mr Java Fernandez.  I don’t think words can describe what a good man he is.  We worked together on Never Not and he was an amazing person to work alongside, always with some amazing stories, and amazing sense of humour.  Stance have well and truly got themselves a diamond in Java.  It was amazing to see him, and despite still not being able to ride because of his knee, he couldn’t get enough of it up here.  IMG_3231_675x450


Bend and Bachelor was an amazing weekend and this for the first weekend for the mrs, was a great start to Snowboarding in Oregon for her.IMG_2878_675x450

The road home, and the first few shots from the wife behind the camera.IMG_3239_675x450

The high desert between Bend and Mt Hood.


Its insane that you have snow, then desert then snow again.  Nice drive though!IMG_3251_675x450

I think thats Hood in the distance?IMG_3265_675x450Thanks, and have a nice start to the new year!


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