Bend – Spring Break

by The Good Life on March 30, 2015

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The thought of spring break probably conjures up terrible thoughts of Jersey Shore and keg parties, however luckily being up here in the North West its more hiking and snowboarding than anything else.


The first order of business was the Tumalo falls, near Bend, which normally is a drive in access water fall with a 75 foot walk up to the top.  Luckily enough the access road was closed and so it was a 7 mile round trip hike, which was through the high desert, super warm and amazingly beautiful.

My hiking buddy, wife, and mother of the beaver baby is quite the pro in desert hiking so was leading the way.

Some of the people doing this deserved a medal pushing twin kids strollers all the way round.  I was knackered on my own by the end let alone pushing anyone.

Et Voila…

This is what we came for… You can probably even see a couple of chaps swimming round in there.IMG_5806

It was about 3 and a half hour round trip.  As we left there were some folks about to start at 6pm, guess they weren’t really ready for a darkness hike on the way back.IMG_5817

Definitely worth checking out.IMG_5824

When we got into Bend, we managed to find our spot without too much trouble.

photo 3

Ramp, Truck, Sled, pretty much the snowboarders go too.


We were pretty soon distributed our mode of transport in town.  Only thing was Mareike got a cruiser and me and Austin were on the 4th of july wagon getting it warmed up for holiday season.  I’ve never ridden a tandem before but being on the back is the weirdest thing ever, you feel like your going to fall over all the time, but its super good.

photo 2

I’d love to see what speed you can get up too when your on a brand new one..
Austin showed us round all the local spots including Spork, which was probably as close to Portland as you can get with food cart food inside.


Peanut Curry.  Epic.IMG_5830

We managed to ride the bikes around all afternoon and evening from spot to spot, with us definitely making sure to head into The GoodLife one of the most famous breweries in Bend.  Its actually partly owned by someone I used to work with so definitely worth a stop.  Good beer, and a great zone.

They had lots of beers to test which seems to be the fashion these days to get like a load of samplers.IMG_5835

And with a garage style door it was pretty nice with the sun out.IMG_5837

They also had a couple of workshop style craft stores with music in the evening and free cookies and snacks.IMG_5840

They also had “The Sparrow” which was a coffee shop right there, and they have another one down town with the most amazing Breakfast croissant with bacon and avocado. IMG_5842

This morning we went to Choo, another breakfast spot which was just as good…. maybe even better.

On saturday with us being in Bend, despite the snow season being a little dry we headed up to the Hill, to catch up with Austin, and Nico from work, the one and only…

photo 4

Bend is also pretty good at having tons of mini hits everywhere 5

Thank you Bend, Thank You Austin….

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