San Sebastian

by The Good Life on June 15, 2015

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As with any trip to Hossegor it wouldn’t be complete without a day or night down in San Sebastian, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  IMG_7594

You have an amazing old town mixed with 3 beaches, lots of places to surf, and of course, old people hanging out enjoying the days going by.  I’m pretty sure I already did a blog about this place, but thought I had to take another look at the food because the pinxtos is the best thing ever.

We ended up trying three different bars, all of which had their very own style.IMG_7629

Croquettes with ham and cheese.  I’m pretty sure these are now stuck on my lower back, but they taste so good.IMG_7631

The same place also did squid/octopus with cured ham, oil, on white bread.  Again, probably contributed to my weight gain over there but when it looks and tastes that good, why not?IMG_7636

One of the places we’ve been to before, had an amazing steak and chips option. IMG_7637

Lots of cheese, and sweet Balsamic…

The final bar we went too had something amazing with mini fried eggs on it.

To be honest though the final stop turned into more wine than food.  Its crazy, like 12 euros a bottle which in the states might cost $10 a glass.  So with there being around 9 of us we went through about 7 bottles in 2 hours.


Hence there was a lot of this.



Eine tolles deustch typ.


We had the girls with us on holiday of course, and so managed to grab a pretty nice couple of photos of their day in Spain…



IMG_7717Thank you San Sebi!

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