Seignosse 2015

by The Good Life on June 10, 2015

in France



This Summer we ended up booking a trip to Europe for the infamous Atlantic Cup, a great tournament of great snowboarders who also are average football players, but it was cancelled this summer, so we were left to enjoy the South West of France, for all its wonder.  Above, Stype, Max and Vicky enjoying some of the fruits of a late afternoon.IMG_7345

The great thing about Les Landes, is that even with medium swell you can find some amazing spots which are pretty quiet.  This was one of the main beaches early on a Sunday, which was one of the best days surfing I’ve had in a while.IMG_7211

The one and only Sani Alibabic who organized the whole thing for us like the true legend he is.IMG_7213

There is nothing quite like Summer, and a BBQ.  

The swimming pool and first night BBQ.


One of the numerous amazing things with hanging in France is the amount of cheap, great wine. 


I remember a few years ago drinking this one, its grape fruit flavor wine, which means its probably more sugary alcohol than anything else.


Another of the very best things about France.  Dont even worry about those baked goods for breakfast.


Serious zone for some sunbathing.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 1.22.48 PM

The one and only wifey and the baby bump getting in some sun.IMG_7298

On our trip we had one of the Innsbruck locals as our resident surf king Maxi, who was ripping everything and anything.


This was one of the best photos of the week, taken by the wife herself.

Without wanting to claim, this was the Sunday we surfed, and it was so so much fun.

I know, I still don’t seem to be managing to turn the surf board much but when going fast is so fun, why bother…IMG_7427

Baywatch was alive and well.

The one and only Stype.


Stype in the water getting amongst the mayhem.IMG_7443

The only thing with France which seems to be a drawback is the architecture which I imagine they took care of in the 80s and threw up as many condo blocks as quick as possible.IMG_7455
I have been trying this new board, the Lib Tech Ringer, which is super fun, really enjoy that board.
IMG_7557The man Borni on probably one of the best waves of the trip.

IMG_7996With his Mrs Borni too…  quite the cute couple!

The gang.  This was a pretty mellow end of day in the water.  Just a couple of hours earlier there was so many people in here, it looked like ants at sea.IMG_7819

There is nothing like gross surfing, who don’t care about anything…  This kid was surfing into the sand time and again, but had his line dialed.

One day we headed down to Hendaye on the Spanish border also.  One of the things I always notice about being in Southern parts of Europe, is how relaxed old people are, as they are always seemingly just enjoying hanging out in the sun.

Another day we headed to Biarritz, one of the nicest spots around to go for a day trip.  Nothing quite like a bit of high tide to throw everyone off.IMG_8090This day, the surf was so stormy it was probably best to be on the beach anyways.

And…. we’re out!

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