by The Good Life on December 30, 2015

in America


7am this morning out there in the cold.  Its beautiful but mighty chilly.


The power couple of snow/surf/adventure living, Sir Fox and Lady Vanular.

The last couple of days we have been around Carlsbad, Encinitas and San Clemente, besides also San Diego, and even Coronoda where we spied a plane…

and all these ships on the SD docks.IMG_1343

Meanwhile Lenny chose to soak up the beach.IMG_1372

He only has eyes for one woman these days though.IMG_1385Lenny “thats what I want for lunch Mummy, some organic juice please….!”


so of course we obliged for him.


Lenny with his “so your telling me we have to go back to the rain this weekend?” faceIMG_1426

We also visited Alta Vista gardens today, up in the hills.IMG_1428

Really nice views, but obviously building a garden in a basic desert isn’t easy.IMG_1432

They somehow have dinosaurs though.

Although they are feeling the drought too.IMG_1440

We decided to go all out for dinner tonight.  You can’t buy these seats.


Carlsbad, 5pm.IMG_1457

and a little of Mr Fox causing to round it out…Frame-27-12-2015-06-56-53

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