Road Trip Home

by The Good Life on January 4, 2016

in America


They often say that the best part of a holiday is the journey.  In our case, it most definitely was, even if it was quite a long one.


We started the journey home with some car trouble, yes, I know, your thinking “you bought a land rover” ha ha, but it was something I managed to solve myself so all good.  Anyways so back to the story, we left New Years Day, and after we got through LA, headed up the 101 to Ventura, before grabbing a spot of lunch.

We drove on, with some beautiful scenery and sunsets lighting our way home.


Once you get off the coast trail of the 101, Waze takes you through some mountain country, again which gives some stunning views.


The next morning, we had made it all the way up to Monterey, a lovely town on the coast, which boasts a quaint mainstream and an amazing Aquarium (so we’re told).


We also found this french bakery, which was amazing, some great baked goods there.

My travel partner in crime getting the breakfast cup of joe in for us.


Meanwhile I was holed up in the car watching the big game (1-1 at this point before we threw it away)

This was Monterey Bay, yes looking fairly stormy.

and from the other view with Fishermans wharf in the distance.IMG_1633

On the way home, we saw some beautiful sightsIMG_1647

Bit of the painted Hills about this spot.IMG_1648

Nothing like switching on Waze and it says “1000 miles and then turn right”.IMG_1653

Mt Shasta on the way home.IMG_1655

The last sunlight we would see before hitting the cold of portland.IMG_1665

Sunsets around Ashland are probably pretty amazing.IMG_1675

On the way we had to stop for a quick coffee and stumbled across the “world famous bakery” just outside Ashland, which has the most amazing selection of fresh baked pastries.

Marionberry pie, Apple Crumble, all cooked in an old oven right there.IMG_1683
We probably hadn’t realized by this point that we started and ended the day with pastries…


Thank you for an amazing trip, Oregon & California.  One time I think it would be amazing to do a road trip in one of these RVs…

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