France 2016 Part deux

by The Good Life on June 29, 2016

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Nothing better than this to wake up too.


This is our spot, right by the beach, with a perfect sun bathing zone.


French breakfast, about as good as it gets.

Dont worry guys, we got this.IMG_3179

Its been great here, Lenny has a couple little friends to play with, so he decided to read them a book.IMG_3197

The squad.IMG_3200

One thing which is new this year is the addition of beach hut/bars.  They never had these before and they really are such a nice addition as all of a sudden you can have a beer, whilst sunbathing, watching the surf, or having a good sleep and getting sunburnt if thats your gig.IMG_3202

This is probably Lennys crush this week, Lucy.

Hes also getting in the water.  He has been in the Pacific before, but the water here is a touch warmer and so he was all about it.IMG_3230

Of course the Air Lenny is always the best way of getting him to enjoy the water.IMG_3240

Boardshorts game on point

You guys!  The tide is coming in!IMG_3259

Mama Bear and her little bear cub.IMG_3267

Flying man.IMG_3272

I need to get me a bucket hat.  This guy is just ahead of my trends.


We went out to probably one of my favorite ever restaurants last night, Chez Minus, in Capbreton.


They only serve Mussels, Shrimps, Sardines, Fries, Beer and wine by the jug.IMG_3286

So good!IMG_3289

Its sometimes the most simple things that work the best, actually its always the best.  Its funny as to me, a place with plastic paper plates and cheap wine.  Maybe thats just me, but I would take that over a fancy restaurant every day of the week.

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