France 2016

by The Good Life on June 27, 2016

in France


Nothing sums up France better than sun, a cheeky weak beer on the beach and a naked fella getting a stroll in.  Sani just soaking it up.


An evening on the grill and the terrace after a beach day pretty much sums up France pretty well too.  Stype, Sarah, Lucy, Koen, Spencer, Mareike, me, Sani on the camera.


Some weak swell, thats normally also a sign of a french summer.


The balcony of our manor for the week.


The last couple of years we have made the journey to Europe in summer, its always great to get away, meet up with some friends and enjoy some downtime in the sun.


Spencer joined us again after a quick stop in Paris for shopping and Macaronnes, and now for some lenny time.

The beach babes themselves.

and the legend that is Mr Koen.IMG_3042

I started reading this book, the memoirs of Phil Knight, but elected to leave it at home.  Poor choice as its a great read.

Mountain Stype aka the baby whisperer.


I managed to snag trying a Lost Puddle Jumper for this trip, made by Lib Tech, super fun board, crazy amount of volume, and all in a 5’9, really fun.IMG_3019

The house was also doubling as a workout spot.IMG_3021

Single leg lifts by the good wifey herself.


Living in BCN, the grill master is now the Plancha Master.


and stype, is well, the legend that is stype.


Thanks for a great first day!IMG_3127

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