by The Good Life on July 11, 2016

in France


Ah Cote Des Basques.  This was probably one of the first places I ever thought “i had surfing”.  I remembered being dragged about in all kinds of current, but that it was fun and I actually managed to catch a couple waves.  For the end of our trip we headed down here for a few days.


I always enjoy spending time in Biarritz.  Its definitely busy, both in and out the water, but there is a nice feel to walking round the town, and drinking some rose after a nice surf.  We spent a bunch of time when Cheryl lived down here, and it was always fun, as if it was massive up north you could catch some manageable surf here still.  Above is grand plage which I enjoyed surfing before summer kicked in, as during summer the surf schools would claim a part of the ocean for themselves and then the lifeguards would also lay claim to a spot too, and you would end up with all kinds of chaos.


This beach, well i don’t even know what its called, just that its where people go who want a leathery tan.  You see them round town in whats an unhealthy leathery tan, but they seem to love it so good for them.


Of course, you can also soak up a few treats too.  Lenny boy trying to get a taste.

One of the highlights of the trip, was meeting Archie again, the son of the one and only Mr Greenshields.


Archie “I tell you what Lenny, your old man just told me he is saving up his money for a boat trip for us”

Lenny “Keep smiling, this time next year we’ll be decked out in new wettys and getting after it down on cote des basques”

On the morning surf check I also went through a couple spots I hadn’t visited before.


Guethary is somewhere Gary has told me about, but so far not managed to visit.  Great spot, would love to see this place with some proper swell.IMG_3715

Of course no trip to france would be complete without seeing a million german vans parked up looking for the swell.  I don’t understand whats written on this, but hey, I’m not a german living in a van for the summer.  Good for him.IMG_3669

One of the other things we did was pay a visit to the Beach House from Lupo and Kiwi, two of the nicest guys ever, who besides running a very successful business in the production world, also have the Beach House in Anglet.IMG_3682

Like I say, one of the best dudes ever.IMG_3699

They just added in this boat, which was built inland, and never hit the ocean, so was perfect to build a bar in of course.IMG_3673

With a great bar and beach area it was perfect for kids and parents alike,IMG_3677

and people who love food too, of course.


Meanwhile, back on the beach, Lenny confirmed that he is once again following in my footsteps by being able to sleep anywhere, and everywhere.  It was a touch windy, so we made ourselves a base camp behind a little surfboard.IMG_3736 Couple of legends right there.

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