France part 3

by The Good Life on July 5, 2016

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This picture above pretty much sums up France for me.  Sun, beach and friends.


The other things which sums up France is unbelievable baked goods.  People in the US would be here asking about it being gluten free, vegan, low fat, no sugar etc.  The strange thing is you never see anyone fat in France.  IMG_3440

They also seem to drink no end of wine.  The bottle above is from Ilmos potential new business, locally made, and amazing to boot.  I should be importing this to the US.


He also brought along this bottle of bubbly which was amazing!


Dr Stype.  Just enjoying the finer things in Life.

Talking of the finer things, this was the view from our house.  Pretty next level sunsets.IMG_3403

Ah Les Landes.


We also managed to get the kids down to the beach a few times.  Olive and Lenny just enjoying a book, a drink and eating some sand.


Lenny has also been working on all kinds of various smiling techniques…

Part of thats because his grandad is in town, and so he was very happy.  He had someone to buy him a….IMG_3378

Thats right, more “unhealthy” food.  Fat camp surf club is in full effect.

Ah then Lenny also has someone to read him bed time stories, well just before his snooze at least.

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