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by The Good Life on October 20, 2016

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Last week we went up to Washington, to a zone I’ve not been before to Long Beach 30 mins north of Astoria.


Filled with classic RV’s including the Potato Bug, its a pretty amazing spot, very unique and very much a must visit spot.


We were posted up in the Silver Streak with a now standing up Lenny.

Inside we had two beds with 3 people after Lenny decided he didnt fit in his pack and play anymore.
img_5335 Oustide of the park, we weren’t far from the mouth of the Columbia, and of course…,Cape Disappointment.

Its called that because when they first tried discovering this part of the world, they couldn’t actually find it, hence the name.

Its quite apt when it rains for 48 hours straight.img_5356

There was so many kids, so much rain and quite a few beers for the parents.  Quite the mix.
The lodge..

Meanwhile between Oregon and Washington, take a look at the bridge… its HUGE.img_5399

On the way home, we went to surf at seaside, which was actually really fun.  I need to bring a bigger board though…img_5403

Bye you guys!


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