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Living here in the Pacfic North West, I’m definitely at home here in Portland, and a signed up member of all things Portland Sports wise.  That said, Seattle being close has been long due a visit, so thankfully last week with some good weather we made a go of it.  From up top the view is pretty epic.


Yep we were up there.  Top of the Space Needle.  Built in 1962 and 600 foot tall.


We tackled Seattle with the whole crew including Oma and Opa, Mareike and of course Lenny was looking stylish as ever.


Lenny and his running around now means thats he’s ready to go anywhere anytime.


Lennys Opa, manning the stroller.


Whilst up by the space needle, we also checked out the banana tree, definitely Lennys happy place.


The hills are alive!img_5898

Their own version of the London Eyeimg_5896

and of course the Seattle Public Market/Fish Market.  Such an amazing place!

There was an amazing pasta/oil store with fresh pasta ready to try, which was so nice.img_5843

Such a great place, with all kinds of fresh produce, including this fish market.img_5842

Music, food, drink, clothes, all kinds of stuff.img_5839

and of course, the little king…img_5836

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