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by The Good Life on December 16, 2016

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The last couple of years we’ve been heading to Bend to ride Mt Bachelor for the Dirksen Derby, and its become without doubt a highlight of the year, so hearing that it had been cancelled was a shame, but thankfully, winter was saved by the good folks at Drink Water, Austin Smith, Curtis Cizsek, Bryan & Stephen Fox who decided that nothing could be better than a good old head to head race, combined with film premier, combined with some powder.


The Raceway start. Notice my concentration/stomach churning nerves before we kick off.  No wonder I’ve always been terrible at snowboarding contests as I get such crazy nerves before hand.  Same as when I play football.


Things were a lot more comfortable when we could get in amongst it in the woods.

The crew from Drink Water do an amazing job, yes in their raising awareness and money for water.org but also in their grasp on snowboarding, and what makes it great.  Yes tricks and flips and stuff are cool, but like now I don’t work, live and die by pro snowboarders, i kind of more and more see the relevance of culturally rich events like this.  Making it welcoming for all, making it so someones dad can ride, someones son can come to a premier, and someone else parents are happy to drink a couple beers and kick some snowboarders into shape who aren’t listening to their son (good work Sir, good work), but just in general, the atmosphere is inclusive, the event is fun, and it makes you want to be part of it.  After years of going to X Games, where the vibe is “wheres your VIP pass, who are you with” to jockeying for positions with other TMs to high five your dude before they drop in, and get that bit of TV time (yes we’ve all done it), this was just refreshing and probably inspires more folks to pick up a board than watching Trampoline kids do quadruple cork flips grabbing Mute.


Live from Planet Hoth.  It was good, actually it was the best snow I’ve ridden in the North West.


The good lady and I managed to sneak in a few runs too with Lenny deep in day care heaven.


The German Driving in the pow

So this was the scene at the top, a lot of good people, some of the most talented snowboarders in the world, some of the most bang average snowboarders in the world including myself in the latter category.    The course it self was super fun, 3 quick berms, 3 whoops, 3 berms, 3 whoops and then a final berm before a couple of final whoops.


I like to think I had things running for the first couple times I ran the course, even managing to get through 2 rounds before meeting my arch nemesis Mr Scott Keating, Nike SB legend, OG, father of the 3 cutest boys around and general good dude.


We started out neck and neck on the turns before scotty bailed, and so next thing you know I’m ahead, and thinking to myself “don’t fall weaver, just cruise this home”, and so decided to scrub some speed, roll around the course nice and mellow and not fall.  Felt good, felt great, and so coming down the final stretch, I’ve slowed down a fair way by now, and I see a little roller and think, yep, Method…. so ollie, pump, pop, grab tweak and look to my right and who’s there?  Scotty!  Sailing right by me….  As I come over the line, now in second place the finish judge man asks who won, and so we say keating, which gets radioed to the top, and of course chaos ensues…. and I have a new nickname in Lindsay Jonabellis.

They even showed the new Drink Water Movie, “Energy” which is just that, an amazing combination of amazing snowboarding, shot a lot with go pros including some insane footage of the boys hiking in Alaska, a lot of good fun snowboarding, lots of stuff where you think “yeah I’d like to go try that” and a lot of nudity, swearing, punk, head shaving good times.  Definitely a film to want to make you go snowboarding.

Colleen was the baby sitter for a fair while that evening, and Lenny definitely has a soft spot for her.  That was definitely a highlight for me, watching an amazing films, surrounded by good friends, with my son sitting on my lap clapping, listening to the music and eventually sleeping.

I realized how much I love this board too, the Burton Fish 161, such a good board.img_6584
Thank you Bend, Bachelor, Austin, Bryan, Stephen, Curtis and of course Spork.  Always Spork.
Most of the photos here are from Ami and Java.  They are better photographers than me by a long way.

Drink Water.

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