The Journey is the Destination

by The Good Life on December 20, 2016

in America


Since its the Christmas break we decided to head south again to try and find some sun and waves.  Being a good 15 hour drive south you can either just straight up turn from our house onto the I5 and drive the 1200 miles or so, or take a scenic route.

We decided to try a bit of both and ended up on the second day at sunset at a place I’ve long wanted to drive by, the Bixby Creek Bridge on the State Route 1.


This road is full of views like this, its pretty amazing to see, and also to think back, what made people decide on building a curved bridge across such a creek, but its certainly worth it for the view.


Ah… the trusty land rover.  112,000 miles and going strong.  Its been here there and everywhere.


This stretch of road is something else.  I’ve driven mountain passes in snow, and up to Chilean mountain peaks, but this is something quite different, beautiful and mellow like here one minute, crazy hair pin bends on cliff edges the next with hundreds of feet drop beneath.


Quite luckily we were blessed with this amazing light to do half of it.  The other half, was of course deep in darkness.


“Can I get some water, a banana and some cherios delivered to my room please?”


We spent the night in the Napa Valley, en route, managed to find a nice hotel and grab some decent wine for a good price and continued on.img_7153

The drive through Napa into Sonoma is quite something though as you have just beautiful rolling countryside, with vineyard after vineyard.img_7159I’m sure each vineyard was as famous as the next.  My wine taste is usually fairly limited, but I do know a good red when i find one.

This guy was in keen on stretching his legs whenever he could…


We continued on, until we reached San Fransisco and headed over the Golden Gate bridge, which costs $7.50 and strangely enough doesn’t have a toll booth so you have to go back and pay online.


Traffic here wasn’t cool.  img_7130

This guy needed whole foods and a leg stretch though, so it was a good place to get lunch.
img_7168 We continued on out to the coast and made it to Santa Cruz, one of the iconic surf spots on the coast.

Flat today, but this is steamer lane, where Nat Young amongst others resides when not on tour.img_7194

Then it was onto SR-1
Not a bad way to road trip…

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