by The Good Life on December 29, 2016

in America

Yes Ventura does some amazing sunsets…. We took this using Mareikes new camera a Panasonic Lumix.  Great camera.

This too.  Pretty synonymous with Ventura this sky and these trees.

Having visited Ventura before, i was looking forward to this part of the trip a lot.  Ventura has a few elements where you would think you are in Portland still, yet combined with great weather and unreal waves.

So mid winter sun means diapers on the beach.

Managed to get a photo of this kid at sundown on the Winter Solstice.

Also, whilst at the beach, happened to notice Dane Reynolds run out, so I pulled out the camera and bang bang…

So crazy when you see people surf who are this good, the speed they can pick up is insane.

Ventura has two main spots from what I can see, C street (a series of great rights) and The Harbour pictured here and above..

They all had their trusty lifeguard at the ready…

Who is kept safe and sound by a couple of the ladies in his life.

On the way out of Ventura, we stopped in Newport Beach for Bear Flag… lets just say we have a new fan

And a fork user has joined the ranks too.

Don’t tell anyone about his shoe choices…

I also have a new Christmas gift from the good lady…

It rained one day too up in Ojai.  and i decided to try and write the sky….

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