Christmas in California

by The Good Life on January 2, 2017

in America

Spending Christmas, in the sun for someone from the UK which does a fine line of murky cold weather through the winter, escaping for some sun is quite surreal.  Once you realize that its not the traditional christmas though, its amazing as you realize you will be getting some sun, a break from the rain of portland, and be able to do things you would do in Summer, like hike, run, get outside, eat in the sun, and enjoy your summer exploits.

We spent Christmas Day at Torrey Pines National park, which is stunning.  We ended up doing a bunch of the trails, and a long walk in, so Lenny spent about 3 hours on my pack, so he fell asleep, and well, my back got pretty worked carrying him.

Torrey Pines has some of the most amazing landscapes, shaped through the years and honestly is a must see when your in San Diego area.

Theres a lot of wildlife too, we saw a whale one day, some dolphins and a lot of birds.

Of course we stopped for a little post hike snack… this land rover doesn’t half get some places.

So yes, Christmas, well, being 16 months now, Lenny is slowing starting to figure out the understanding of undoing the gift wrapping at least.

and that there is something in there also…
So yes, we had a nice mellow breakfast, followed by a long hike, followed by some good takeout food for christmas dinner.  Not conventional, but then again nor is driving over 2000 miles with a 16 month old.

We also had one of Lennys aunties along for the trip, with Melissa coming along for some good times in the sun.

So we grabbed some sun where we could…

Down in Encinitas, the surf is a lot more mellow than up in Ventura, so seems like some folks just paddle out and hang out, but here at Swamis, its a pretty full on scene, every wave has like 5 people dropping in.  Long boards, fishes, short boards, anything and everything goes.
Crowded much?

This was the conditions one day, when i was already surfed out… bummer, but despite it looking epic, it was kinda soft and mushy.

Back at the house, we actually rented a nice Air B n B, its amazing to me how many people are converting garages, barns and spare spaces into really nice places to rent which are way more convenient and affordable than hotels.

We had a studio with a little garden and fire pit outside, which was great for spending time in the sun.

Lenny wasn’t walking last time he could walk outside in the grass, so he was a bit unsure of it…

Merry Christmas!

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