by The Good Life on January 2, 2017

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One more post to just round off the trip.  Encinitas always is worth another post.  Such a great place with amazing beaches, great food, mellow vibe and good times always down there.  Definitely worth the trip.

Lenny decided to get himself a dog for the afternoon from a friendly face above.

In between building himself his own downhill bum sliding set up at Moon Light Beach.

and eating us out of house and home in his tent.

and we also found one of the best play parks around.  Super nice slides and swings and stuff.

We also found that Lenny is now really excited about playing the harmonica.

and eating mickey mouse shaped pancakes from his favorite place, Swamis.

Swamis at sunset.

Thanks California.

Oh yeah, two last things.  I made a video with a couple of bits of surfing.  No music or fancy editing, just so i can remember it.

and one more.

GOALS.  Look at this set up.  I need that.

Thats it thats all.

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