Snow in Portland

by The Good Life on January 14, 2017

in America

This week, we had news that there would be “1 to 2 inches of snow” on Tuesday evening, so we all headed off from work early to avoid any trouble, and so sure enough the snow started falling around 6pm and after making food, putting Lenny to bed, only 4 hours later, the terrace looked like this:

Pretty amazing how quick it came down

The strange thing with snow like this is that it makes the whole of the city glow at night.

and then by the day it shines.

A pretty iconic spot down by the station, but yes it has been quite the winter storm along with some beautiful light.

Theres even a touch of powder to be had.

To keep warm, we ate up some of the best vietnamese take out from Noy Viet Lao in the village…. Lenny approved!

Just now need that lift from here to Mt Hood to be installed.

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