Costa Rica!

by The Good Life on March 28, 2017

in America

With spring break approaching, last minute the call went out for a couple of good souls for a trip down south and so with a few last minute arrangements we managed to get the best Austrian, Belgium and the UK could pull together and what your left with is some average sun burnt surfers.

Having never been down here, i wasn’t sure what to expect but with the team in attendance I knew it would be good times.  Day 1, up on this balcony showed me it was the good life all the way.

Nothing much better than some friends old and new and a few drinks at sunset.  Turns out the national greeting is “Pura Vida” which pretty much sums this up.

Costa Rica is a beautiful place, with great weather, great waves and some amazing people.

We’ve been surfing since the moment we jumped off the plane.  Lets just say the way to the beach is interesting.

Crossing rivers (thankfully not full of crocodiles).

A lot of dirt roads full of pot holes.

With a few roadblocks on the way.

In our trusty mid size SUV with a mixture of music between hip hop, some french electro and the occasional Bob Marley.

The Gang.  Full Surf Check mode on.

Just remembering to do all those good old NTC stretches.

Koen and I just out there fishing for the goods.

Meanwhile as soon as I get in the line up, I’m just doing a great job of playing dead.
More to come….

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