Costa Rica Part 2

by The Good Life on April 3, 2017

in America

The new annual spring break ritual surf trip was kicked off this week with the inaugural members representing Austria, Belgium and the UK.  Costa Rica is a place I have wanted to go for a while but this was the first trip we’d managed down here.

Nothing like an empty beach for a Belgium guy.

This beach was Playa Negra, such a beautiful beach kind of Maldives style but with a mellower reef although at low tide it does look pretty sketchy.  It worked out really well though.

To get there though its more time on the dirt track pistes to and from each beach.


Its worth it though for some shore break chaos.

This trip I seemed to have got more cuts and bruises than ever before.  Board to the shins, fins across the belly, irritated skin, mosquito bites but all worth it!

Sani and his weird belly rash.

I posted this on IG too but it really is so essential to bring most of this get up.  Vaseline seems to patch up most issues but the paint on plaster is pretty amazing too as is Baby Powder.  Not sure if the tanning spray was needed though, hot enough anyways.

I’m honestly learning everytime I surf, but feel that its getting somewhere finally!

One of the things I love with traveling is trying new places to eat.  The Shrimp Hole was one of those.  So so tasty and an amazing mellow set up.

Also like seeing the local animals.

No idea if these guys are harmful or not, they seem pretty mellow.

Also saw the biggest stick insect ever.

I’m now that guy at sunset.  But If I knew 3 years ago I could hold a hand stand for even a few seconds I wouldn’t have believed it.

Thanks for the good times boys!!!!

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