Hottest Weekend of the Year

by The Good Life on June 26, 2017

in America

This weekend was the hottest day of the year so far in Portland and definitely the hottest day of the year at the beach.  97′ the car said when we left, but thats easily the hottest i’ve seen it in 5 years.  As you can see it looked more somewhere tropical than Oregon this weekend.

Combine that with some mellow 2 ft long boarding waves and it was pretty all time out there.

We started the weekend with a very European feeling BBQ over looking the ocean, with wine, beer, bratwurst and all kinds of condiments.

Yes this guy was stoked.

Colleen was on fine form as always, going very much straight to the point on a Friday.

As was Lenny.  No sauce, just straight Wurst.

In between searching for bugs with Hans the chef and chief child helper.

That night we found a great camp spot near by.  I always feel like our Land Rover is too big, but then against the rest it feels like it could grow some more too.

The car got nicely set up and it was pretty cosy in there actually.  Lenny’s first camp mission was a success!

As long as he gets his milk.

and something about it being mid summer, the stars were out like I’ve not seen before.

Camping with Ami is always great.  Has the best coffee set up ever always ready to go.

Before we set up down at Indian Beach and snagged a great spot.

Yes.  Thats a surfboard which works pretty well as a chopping board too for bacon sarnies.

It was a foamy kind of day out there.

and the water was still warm enough that Lenny wanted to run in the ocean every 5 minutes.

and yes.  We got him on a board too!

The squad, with our set up.  Summer doesn’t get much better here.

After a while though it all got a bit too warm for Lenny so we retreated for Peppa Pig and some snacks.

We kept an idea on everyone from our hideout.

Thanks for a great weekend!  Epic times crew!

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