Tualatin Surf Club

by The Good Life on June 11, 2017

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This weekend, we headed out to the coast with a good crew of the folks at Nike who all surf and headed for a great couple of days of surfing, beers, sing alongs and BBQ action.

The first day we ended up getting called out by some locals at Seaside “Go back to Tualatin” was probably the highlight of the localism.  Waves were pretty fun though!

Managed to sneak a few photos of the gang getting in amongst it.

It was all good times though.

Enough for us to get a rainbow to come out and say hello at least.

Next day we hit up Shorthands for some classic weekend surf action.

Beers and surf and a fire was pretty much par for the course.

Somehow whilst there was rain everywhere in Oregon, we managed to snag a window right over shorties.

Enough for a bit of a sunburn anyways.

We surfed the South End which was working quite nicely.

I’m always amazed by the driftwood here.  It must be chaos here mid winter.

Thanks to the two legends for getting us all out to the beach, Gabe..

and of course the leader of the pack, fresh from paying the man for 8 stitches on his face after a nasty board meeting face incident.

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